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    INSTRUMENTUM est un groupe de travail international composé de chercheurs travaillant sur l'artisanat antique et ses produits dans l'Europe et le Bassin méditerranéen. Le champ chronologique couvert par l'association concerne les Âges du Fer européens ainsi que les cultures Grecque et Romaine, avec de possibles incursions dans l'Âge du Bronze et le Moyen Âge.

    INSTRUMENTUM is a working group that comprises scholars interested in the crafts and industries of ancient Europe and the Mediterranean. The chronological scope of the organization covers the European Iron Age and the eras of Greek and Roman civilization, with some overlap into the late Bronze Age and the early Middle Ages.

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    "Hoarding and deposition in Europe from later prehistory to the medieval period – finds in context"

    The theme of the next Instrumentum Meeting will be hoarding and deposition. Projects on hoards of coins, metalwork and other objects or materials currently being conducted in Britain have looked at both their composition and their locations. Recently excavated hoards also offer the chance to look at little-studied aspects of hoarding as a depositional process, such as the environmental data from pollen and seeds or from materials such as textiles and leather. The conference will also explore other aspects of deposition, including finds in wet contexts and structured deposition, as well as 'stray' or surface finds.

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    Bulletin Instrumentum

    N°47 - Juin 2018

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INSTRUMENTUM encourage et fédère les recherches sur l’artisanat antique et ses productions en faisant connaître les travaux publiés, afin de mieux comprendre les conditions dans lesquelles l’artisanat, les productions et les techniques ont évolué antérieurement au Moyen Âge.

INSTRUMENTUM brings together the researches on craft and industries and drawing attention to published work, thus elucidating the conditions in which crafts, industries, and manufacturing techniques evolved before the Middle Ages.


INSTRUMENTUM publie des monographies sur divers aspects de l’artisanat antique (thèses, colloques, recueil divers...) disponibles aux Éditions Mergoil. Cette collection très active comprend en permanence plusieurs volumes en préparation.

INSTRUMENTUM publishes monographs on ancient crafts and industries at Mergoil’s Editions. It is a dynamic collection with several volumes in preparation.


INSTRUMENTUM finance, organise ou co-organise des manifestations scientifiques, dans plusieurs pays européens, sur des thèmes proposés par ses membres.

INSTRUMENTUM finances, organizes or co-organizes scientific meetings in various countries on topics proposed by members.


Depuis juin 1997, INSTRUMENTUM publie un bulletin semi-annuel de ± 40 pages permettant de diffuser des informations sur l’artisanat antique, encourager la recherche et faciliter la communication internationale.

Since June 1997, INSTRUMENTUM issues a semi-annual Bulletin of ± 40 pages which disseminates scientific informations, encourages research, and facilitates international communication.